brand creation and development



Here are just some of the brands we have worked with in regional, national and global markets since 1997, prior to founding in 2020.

Branding as a form of symbology and communication pre-dates recorded human history.

With the evolution of our species, the innate need to socialise and communicate to survive and innovate through necessity, eventually became an art form with symbolic analogies to portray the desired message.

From 100,000 year old cave paintings, to Egyptian hieroglyphics, our current day minimalist, flat look style of branding,  UI / UX is designed to be versatile,, and dynamic- delivering consistent 'impressions' on any viewable surface just as it was in ancient and prehistoric times. 

The term 'brand' stems from the early 1800's when cattle owners in north america would track and identify their stock via a metal brand burned into an animal's skin, serving a dual purpose:- to identify the livestock as property and also to show a mark of the animal's quality, having been reared and "marketed" by the farmer. 

200 years later, the average person is exposed to over 5,000 brand messages a day in an omni-channel environment, multi-screening with a combination of rapid fire pixels and noise resulting in a scientifically proven and published, average attention span of less than 5 seconds.

The same principles apply to your own personal and professional brands.


The average hiring manager spends less than 7 seconds skimming a resume and automation has made recruitment even more efficient and "SEO" based.

So how do you cut through the clutter and get that 5 seconds of attention?

if they do then engage with your creative, it's not enough just to make a one-off impression.

You have to both guide and hold their hand through various click funnels via automated and contextual email campaigns, and SMS is worth its weight in gold if you have a mobile number  - 98% of SMS messages are read within 90 seconds. 

Before establishing a new brand these are some of the questions that you should think about to ensure a successful launch and sustainable future, whether you are a sole trader, SME, Start-up or aiming for a new career in a rapidly evolving landscape post COVID-19: 

I - What is your brand purpose? your why?

1. What are your brand values? what does your brand represent and stand for?

2. How is this represented graphically in a logo and consistent branding  on all your platforms, digital and traditional to be recalled easily and often by your target demographic?

3. What is your vision, goals and milestones along the way?

4. What is your USP? (unique selling proposition)

5. What are the features, advantages and benefits of your product or service?

6. Where is your product or service positioned within your industry vertical and marketplace, now and in the future?

7. What is your single minded proposition for the target audience?

8. What are your financial expectations and longevity of the brand?

9. How much are you prepared to initially invest to get the necessary branding exposure?

10. How do you develop performance based campaigns to get the brand to scale and be profitable?

We can help you answer these questions and more to get the outcomes you are looking for in the short and longer term. 

Every project and campaign we work on is conceived, designed and engineered for positive ROI from the back-end technology to custom UI / UX in order to optimise performance. 

We've worked on literally thousands of branding and performance campaigns for corporate and global brands, evolving with the technology from television in the late 90's to telco marketing and mobile payments when 3G launched in 2003 .

we were building custom mobile specific websites in 2003 before colour phone screens, mobile banner ads and 3G video streaming became mainstream. 


since then we've worked on every type of digital platform and have seen the evolution of commercial models since the late 2000's as technology converged between desktop and mobile.

our unique global experience and multi faceted expertise gained from working for the likes of Vodafone, Inmobi, Alchimie,  Southern Cross Austereo, and consulting for many other companies here and abroad is unsurpassed. 

This also means that we deliver end to end without having to outsource to specialists in each discipline, who have huge markups on every specialised task on top of which your typical agency adds their margin. 

Our in-house expertise, which spans global marketing, creative, commercial and IT&T disciplines, is your unique advantage in surviving and thriving in the post COVID-19 / 5G era. 

If you are not online, on mobile-  you don't exist. 

In a downturn recession market your potential competitors will typically slash their marketing budgets before operational cutbacks.  

Recessions are actually the best time to take advantage of this trend, as long as you have found a potentially scalable niche driving volume out of necessity and mainstream demand, (not luxury in the current climate) with flexible, or subscription based payment models to cater for a wider market and longer customer lifetime value (LTV), and average revenue per user (ARPU standard measurement for Telco's.)

It's simply not enough to have a really nice logo and tag line.


You need to understand and implement the right technology through automation and personalisation, compelling content and offers delivered dynamically in real time- with ad space bought programmatically, based on your anticipated target demographics,.


In the post big data era there is the accessible ability to overlay countless 3rd party data sources and hone in on your dream customer- like piecing together a mosaic from the shards of clay,

It's referred to as "finger printing" or profiling in a converged, yet fragmented digital landscape, continually optimising the UI/UX to maximise conversion and lower cost per acquisition (CPA) to boost gross profit margins (GP). The more data points you can cross hash on a potential lead, the better you can market to them.

We are passionate about helping our clients to benefit by passing on the world class digital marketing techniques and strategies we've learned to accelerate growth. 

So, if you have an idea that has passed a feasibility test, and a basic roadmap for realisation, then we would love to help you make it come to life.