Omni channel e-commerce solutions

The modern marketing term 'omni channel' is a way of describing a brand feeling like it's everywhere in the customer's eyes talking directly to them with the right proposition at just the right time. 

The evolution of mobile technology and new commercial models for advertisers had disrupted and surpassed that of traditional media in the 2010's even though the focus was on the desktop and web 2.0 at the time. 

Mobile technology has driven innovation in every aspect of contextual, personalised marketing using data to serve up the right proposition in a discreet, captive environment where the user is more willing to engage and consider buying into it.  

Ok, so that's the undisputed power of mobile commerce, so how do you activate it and monetise it?

Firstly you need to go back to your marketing strategy and focus on the channels that are essential to gain momentum as a brand, such as Google adwords, targeted mobile in-app and site based advertising., desktop display, email and SMS / MMS if you are able to to get hold of a mobile number. 

Once you have some test data behind you it's all about analysing the customer journey throughout the sales funnel and fixing any bottlenecks along the way, such as UI/UX improvements, abandoned cart recovery strategies, refining click funnels and dumping non-performing campaigns. 

Anyone can built a pretty, responsive and vanilla Squarespace site linked to Shopify in the back end, but in a world where you need to differentiate to survive, we prefer the customer centric approach with original virtual retail experiences that engage and delight.


In terms of retail commercial models we can implement a variety of different payment cycles, vendors and subscription mechanics, which have become the staple for most people who do not have the cash flow in 2020 that they previously would have,