iOS & Android application development

the iOS app store came online in late 2008, and the world has never been the same since.  in 2007 Steve Jobs launched a breakthrough device, so different from the high end smartphones sold by Nokia and SONY who had majority PDA market share. at the time.  

Jobs always liked to do things by the law of 3.

out of the thousands of things he could try and cram into a device or market and advertise, it was always the 3 most important things that would be the focus and nothing else. 

apple and jobs were so meticulous about this philosophy- that the entire iOS operating system was painstakingly engineered, so that a user would never be more than 3 clicks (or taps) from finding any piece of rich media content, unified messaging and email, any app or OS function. 

it wasn't the fact that the first iPhone was actually 3 devices in one-  a mobile phone, an iPod, and a full HTML based mobile internet browser all tucked behind the first all-screen multi-touch UI on a mobile.. 

what gave apple it's rise into mobile technology from well outside the industry prior to that. (they had released a high end PDA in the late 90's called the'Newton' which flopped) was the customer experience, the ease of use and delightful icons with 3D shading in apple's patented 'skew-morphic design' which Jobs originally stole the idea from his research visit to XEROX PARC in the late 1970's where they created the first bitmap displays in a 2D graphical representation of objects on the screen. 

iOS was a next generation iteration of the first Mac UI which made it simple for anyone of any age to start using the device. the icons and buttons were all laid out neatly in rows and columns, and you couldn't make a mistake or get lost in the OS with the famous round home button in thumbs reach. 

the genie in Jobs bottle though was the app store itself. Jobs had been burned by the likes of Adobe and Microsoft and Google was purely a search engine with 90% of revenue coming from Adwords launched in 2004. 


he wanted to control the entire customer experience and generate lifetime loyalty from users without the interfering agenda's of partners in the desktop ecosystem. 

apple started from the chip (design and fabricating their own) and worked their way up to the pixel layer, spawning an entire new industry from nothing.

today billions of us have an average of 80 apps on our iOS and Android devices, and the growth and development in addition to billions in global revenues generated through advertising and micro payments on subscription based commercial models, has been exponential as the technology has evolved. 

5G will be 1000 x times faster than the speed of 4G. imagine the implications of all that bandwidth...


here are the 3 most important things that we predict will happen short term with 5G in the next 18-36 months simultaneously across the globe in developed markets.:

- iOT: the 'internet of things' Smart homes, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, automation on a mass scale, blockchain explodes globally with a fin tech revolution that will see established banks lose market share & customer loyalty, and an estimated 2 billion new devices to connect to the internet globally in 2021 set to double each year,

- acceleration of the adoption of 5G globally due to the COVID-19 Pandemic out of necessity to adapt to a changing landscape where the reversal of globalisation is happening after over 30 years of growth. 

- the line between reality and fiction will be blurred like never before for 3 reasons:


1. enter: augmented reality take 5 (AR was around in the mid 2000's and has never become a mainstream proposition until now. ) which again due to COVID-19 will become widely adopted, driven by smartphones almost exclusively with desktop being left behind on this technology until laptops start showing holograms.

2. virtual reality will find it's way into smart homes accelerated buy the younger generation who are looking for something new and living out fantasy, gaming and entertainment expending their imaginations and building new virtual environments on platforms such as minecraft from Microsoft in collaboration with their friends in real time from anywhere. 

3. the 'terminator' era: automation driven by algorithms that know you better than you know yourself. we are at a breakpoint in society and our history, where the things that seemed so fictional dreamed up by James Cameron in 1984 that we laughed at the possibility of it ever happening, have actually become theoretically realistic. the situation is fluid to say the least. 

civil liberties are being revoked globally as countries lockdown and we are all advised to be tracked in order to stem the spread of COVID-19 whilst a silent cyber-war is happening around us that we are oblivious too.    

we are now in a delicate balancing act between recovering from the greatest global depression in the last 100 years with 5G at our fingertips and all the virtual tools to create sustainability, and the thought of being in an impending war over material resources and geopolitics in the midst of an ongoing Pandemic. 

we can show you exactly what you can do with the technology to build a human centric app that stays on the home screen and has a long shelf life- without spending 5 figures on a development and design team you'll never meet.


having worked with enterprise level iOS and Android developers in SEA and Europe since 2013,
we do everything ourselves, and when it's built we will show you how to make it transform your business and P& short and long term through 20 years of global mobile marketing experience. 

so, you've got an idea for an app huh?