multimedia pre / post production

Every individual, family, company and brand has its own unique history to tell. with history being made for many reasons this year people have told their stories like never before in a time of uncertainty and sweeping change.

We help capture the moments, meaning and purpose of multimedia content whether it be a corporate video, or a video resume.

our mobile pre-production equipment

we are always ready to be on location and draw out the best moments and messages on any form of digital media, sight or sound.  with broadcast quality equipment and professional sound equipment you will be able to tell the difference when we capture and curate your content, be it an interview, a solo pitch a brand video, call to action, documentary or 30 second TVC. 

Panasonic Industrial 3Chip + 1 Inch Chip Video Camera

DJI Mavi II Pro Drone with 4K video camera 

Canon EOS 5D Mark III SLR camera

Sennheiser microphone and lapel microphone

post production and integration

We have a full mobile studio including custom backdrops, lighting equipment and chromakey broadcast style 'green screen'  with any number of video or static background layers possible in post production. 

Our editing is done using applications like Adobe Creative Suite 6, Da Vinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro for video, combining professional sound editing, voiceovers, and custom music tracks for the perfect combination of sight and sound. 

Because everything is captured in 4k quality we can edit and post produce content quickly to meet the demands of digital production and distribute it via our cloud based content management system. 

With our expertise in digital performance marketing and creating interactive experiences, we ensure every impression or viewable second is measurable and contributing to your overall ROI.